Comprehensive Pediatric Dentistry in Tustin, CA

Childhood is an important stage of dental development. Baby teeth need special attention, as do permanent teeth. Your child needs high-quality care to reach their optimal oral health.

The team at AA Family Dental Group delivers compassionate pediatric dental care. Dr. Jasleen Brar, DDS, and associates will tend to your child with patience and sensitivity. We treat children as young as four or five years of age. Healthy treats, toys, and rewards add positivity to your child’s experience.

Our multi-specialty practice features practitioners from the various disciplines of dentistry. Both you and your child will benefit from our diverse and educated staff. Our team includes:

  • A periodontist, to prevent and treat gum disease
  • Multiple hygienists, to facilitate regular cleanings
  • A general dentist, to oversee your child’s oral health and development
  • An endodontist, to complete root canals with precision
  • An orthodontist, to diagnose and treat malocclusion (crooked teeth) with early orthodontics
  • And an oral surgeon, to conduct oral surgeries on-site.

Although each member of our staff brings unique experience and training, AA Family Dental Group is united in our gentle approach to children’s dental care.

Our Pediatric Dental Care Services

All our services can be tailored to suit a child’s needs. For example, a standard root canal is modified to preserve a baby tooth until it’s ready to be lost. Other services, like certain preventive measures, benefit children greatly.

Sealants prevent cavities by sealing the surface of the tooth. This blocks bacteria from infiltrating the tooth’s enamel layer.

Fluoride varnishes help your child’s teeth stay healthy and strong. They remedy temperature sensitivity and prevent cavities.

Professional cleanings are essential to a child’s oral health. Small children may lack the motor skills to clean their teeth thoroughly. Dental hygienists remove the plaque and tartar that lead to troublesome decay.

Early orthodontics, otherwise known as interceptive orthodontics, help a growing smile develop properly. Patients who’ve undergone orthodontics at a young age generally need less treatment in adolescence and adulthood.

Choose AA Family Dental Group Care for Your Child’s Dental Needs

Jasleen Brar, DDS, and associates are excellent pediatric dental care providers. Our practice can treat you and your child together in one convenient location. Contact us today and schedule your next appointment

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