I had a great experience with Dr. Brar and her staff. I came in with a toothache and they were able to take care of me right away. They have a root canal specialist in their office which made it very convenient for me. I am a full time teacher on top of having 3 children so my time is very valuable to me. Because of my amazing experience with them, I also brought my two year old in for his very first dentist visit. They were great with him. I recommend this office to anyone looking for a professional and kind dental office.

David N.

I love this place. I've been a patient of Dr. Brar for over 14 years. She takes very good NO she takes excellent care of me. Always asks about my son and me. Never have I ever had a problem with the billing or anyone. They are all professional, courtesy and just lovely people.
Wouldn't go any where else !

Thank you AA Dentist Family.

Lois W.

I've been a patient at AA Family dental for 2 years now. I'm extremely satisfied with Dr. Brar and their hygienist. The reason I come here is because they do their cleanings with hand instruments instead of that buzzing water machine. You can definitely feel a difference in the cleanliness of how your teeth feel with this method.

I've also had a crown replacement put on and they were reasonably priced and made sure that it fit perfect.

I haven't had any issues with their staff or billing, or being pushed into a product or service I didn't need. I would highly recommend them.

If you're looking for a fly by 20 mins "cleaning" with a buzzing machine then this office is not for you. This office is the real deal for professional services.

Rigo G.

I really like that this office is a group practice that has a hygienist, general dentists and all major specialities. They also take most of the insurance plans. It makes it easy for a family day at this dental office. The office is unique in design as it is in color--it uplifts the mood. Also, the operatories have a nice view of the outside world, so you do not feel claustrophobic when sitting in the dental chair. The staff is very helpful, and the doctors are awesome. Thank you AA Family Dental for taking care of my family!

Bailey Family

This office is amazing. They are so on time. I have never had to wait longer than my appointment time. The office is very lively and attractive and does not have that creepy, sterile feeling to it. The staff was very friendly and Dr. Brar is very pleasant and professional. Before the treatment, she explained everthing to me with the help of colored pictures of my own teeth on the computer by the dental chair. I really felt relaxed because I did not experience any pain while getting my treatment. USC does produce good and knowledgeable dentists. The office staff is also warm and receptive. I have referred this office to my friends.

Adams, R.

Highly satisfying experience. The office staff was very helpful in finding the best options and getting on the phone to work out the details with my insurance. I have finally found my dentist. Dr. Brar was very gentle and sweet. Overall, I am happy with the treatment and services, although they were not cheap.

Becker, L.

I was having tooth pain over the past few days and I needed to see a doctor right away. I do not go to the dentist to make friends. I go to solve any pain I have and get the needed treatment. This dental office got the job done. I was first seen by the general dentist who showed me on the colored screen that I needed a root canal and then a crown. The root canal was done by the specialist and I was pain-free. I also got my new crown in two weeks. I still had money left in my pocket after all this. I recommend this office to ALL THOSE WHO ARE IN PAIN & WANT IMMEDIATE RELIEF.

Hernandez, M.

This is a fabulous office--friendly, cordial, and spotless clean. Best in town! I have to totally declare and share this with all folks in Tustin. I have been coming to this office for years, and Dr. Brar is a very fine, aesthetic clinician. She did my veneers--absolutely natural and wow! I got my smile back. I have had no issues with any treatment that I have gotten done at this office. This office also has a wonderful staff, particularly Alicia who is so caring. The office decor is so colorful and lively. I almost forgot about the amazing fish tanks with golden fishes. Believe it or not, I look forward to my regular dental cleanings!

Taylor, J.

Good and convenient location with a huge parking lot. Modern office, professional dentists, informed staff, no wait time, reasonable prices compared to other outrageous places. Another great thing is that they will work with you to work out a payment plan that works well for you. So don't worry if you can make small monthly payments! Overall very happy with the service. Bottom line--come here! Great service, painless experience

Baker, R.