Professional Tooth Extractions in Tustin CA

If you or a loved one need oral surgery, come to AA Family Dental Group. From tooth extractions to dental implant placement, we provide advanced surgical services for teeth and gums.

Expertise in Extractions

Jasleen Brar, DDS, and associates is a diverse team of dental professionals dedicated to the Tustin community. When you choose our team for tooth extraction, you’re making the right choice. Our in-house oral surgeon will ensure your needs are met with comfort.

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Why Extract?

Although it’s almost always preferable to keep your natural teeth, in some cases, extraction is better for your health.

Advanced tooth infection, for example, can spread to other parts of your mouth and even the rest of your body. It’s best to remove the compromised tooth and preserve your other teeth.

Some extractions are orthodontically motivated. Extracting a tooth or two can free up room for your other teeth, making room for large teeth to fit evenly.

Bone Grafting to Preserve Your Facial Structure

Our skilled oral surgeon performs bone grafting procedures in-office. A bone graft restores mass to your jawbone to accommodate dental implants and preserves natural facial contours after tooth loss.

The alveolar bone shrinks and atrophies after teeth are lost. This process, known as bone resorption, is natural and occurs in everyone. Resorption accelerates once a tooth is lost.

Bone grafting is a straightforward procedure that prevents or corrects resorption.

Dental Implant Placement

AA Family Dental Group is a one-stop-shop for every step of the dental implant journey. From preliminary bone grafting to implant placement, to restoration installation, we are by your side.

When choosing an implant provider, it’s in your best interest to pick someone well-suited for the job. Oral surgeons study for years before they can declare specialization. Our specialized surgeon is trained specifically in operating on the oral structure.

We place dental implants with skill. We use 3D technology to plan precisely where to insert your implant. This precision pays off with faster healing and higher success rates.

Choose AA Family Dental Group

Tooth extraction and oral surgery are important elements of oral health care. At our practice, we know when extractions are necessary and complete these procedures with finesse.

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