Dental Implants

When are Dental Implants Medically Necessary?

May 14 • 1 minute read

Dental implants are always beneficial for patients with missing teeth, but when to classify them as “medically necessary” is not so simple.

This question often arises regarding insurance coverage. Your insurance company will pay for this procedure if they consider it a necessity or if they offer coverage as an elective procedure.

For others, they may be less concerned about their insurance and more concerned about their anxieties. Some people avoid surgical procedures at all costs and thus would like to rule out the need for an implant.

Below are some factors to consider when evaluating your need for dental implants.

Evaluate Your Health

The most important consideration is your health.

How many teeth are you missing? Do you anticipate losing more teeth in the future? One or two teeth can be replaced with a bridge, but multiple teeth are best replaced by dental implants.

If you’re already missing most of your teeth, and your remaining teeth are in poor health, dental implants are an excellent solution.

Dentures and bridges offer a temporary fix. Eventually, the bone will atrophy from a process known as resorption without teeth roots to support it. Dental implants prevent this from happening.

Consider Your Age Group

We have different restorative dental needs depending on our stage of life.

Children and adolescents don’t typically need to replace their teeth with implants, as permanent teeth or orthodontic work can repair their smile. If trauma occurs and adult teeth go missing, implants might be a solution.

Adults would do best to replace their missing teeth with dental implants. If their jawbone is left unsupported, the damage from bone resorption can be difficult to reverse.

Consult Your Insurance Company

Remember that you can ask your insurance company directly for confirmation on your dental coverage. Most insurance providers offer a helpline to connect you with someone to walk you through your coverage. Otherwise, they likely have your plan information available online or in your copy of the paperwork.

Dr. Jasleen Brar at AA Family Dental Group can help you evaluate your need for dental implants. Call us today and schedule a consultation. 

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